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Happy July, friends!

I miss blogging. It’s hard when everything seems to go 100 mph at all times with school and I don’t have the brain space to think of a coherent post. Regular bloggers are amazing! So much goes into a good post.

I’m also working on giving my blog a different look. So far I’m stuck on what to use as a header photo, so things are pretty plain for now.

Last time I recapped on my first full-time semester in the program. The second (winter) semester was just as busy and jam-packed with info and new experiences. I found that I liked long-term care more than I thought I would (it helped to have a great facility and RD preceptor) and really started feeling like I could do this RD thing. I definitely still need practice in some areas, like effective counseling and motivational skills and am hoping to get more experience in my second year.

I also had to try my best to get over my fear of speaking in front of people, as I had to do so many presentations for class and  the Office of Nutrition Services on campus. I also helped teach some cooking classes for students and did food demos at some local senior centers.

This summer I just finished an integrative medicine course and am taking an entrepreneurship for dietitians course. Both super interesting and relevant! By the end of summer I will have a functioning business plan for a private practice, which I’m super excited about, whether or not I use it right out of school.

Some things I am loving right now:

  • Stone fruit season. Cherries and peaches and plums, oh my.
cherry berry tart

A fresh cherry berry tart from one of my favorite vegan spots, The Lunch Room


A favorite snack


  • This version of the “Polar Vortex.” It’s been  comfortably in the low 70s instead of humid death heat.
  • Zaalouk! I’m in love with a local North African restaurant called El Harissa and one of my favorite dishes they make is this eggplant dish reminiscent of baba ganoush. I haven’t tried the recipe I linked to, so can’t say whether it’s comparable to El Harissa’s zaalouk. I would definitely roast the eggplant instead of boiling it to get that smoky flavor.
  • Having a bit of time to catch up with friends (and meet new ones).

I’m going to try to be better about writing more consistently, but I’m not promising anything :)



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I don’t officially do What I Ate Wednesdays (yet?) but today I have a few things to share with you.

I adore food blogs with artful pictures of meals, starting with photos of trips to the market and all the ingredients what went into it, along with lengthy descriptions of the background of the dish, preparation methods, etc. etc. But right now I don’t have time to write posts like that and possibly never will. So I will enjoy the blogs of people much better than me at doing it, but I suspect that a lot of you also enjoy pictures of simple food that can be whipped up quickly on a week night.

Food doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to make to be delicious and healthy. This dinner I made last night of braised bok choy and tempeh finished with a drizzle of hoisin sauce definitely fits in with that. Bok choy contains a good amount of calcium, along with vitamins A, K, C, folate, and is in the cruciferous class of vegetables known for their anti-cancer properties. The fact that it is also delicious makes it a good leafy green to include in your weekly meal rotation.

Braised bok choy with tempeh and hoisin sauce.

Braised bok choy with tempeh and hoisin sauce.

All I did for this was lightly brown my tempeh strips in a little oil, set aside, and then use the same pan to saute the bok choy until the greens were tender but the white stalk was still a little crisp, and then added the tempeh back to the pan and drizzled it all with a little organic hoisin. So simple, so good. Tempeh is a great source of protein and has a great, nutty flavor. Here’s another post about the nutrition benefits and another way to prepare tempeh (from one of those amazingly detailed blogs with great photography!).

Tonight I felt like Indian food and luckily I happened to have all the ingredients on hand to make chana saag (or chole palak), one of my favorite dishes.

chana-saag (2)

Chana saag with biryani

I loosely followed this recipe at Manjula’s Kitchen, one of my favorite sites for Indian recipes and instructional videos. I used Whole Foods 365 brand frozen mixed greens (a blend of collard greens, kale, and mustard greens) instead of spinach, a small onion and LOTS of minced garlic, canned crushed tomatoes instead of fresh, used only 1 TBS of coconut oil instead of  3, and I didn’t have asafetida so I used a few squeezes of lime at the end of cooking for a little tartness. The biryani came from Trader Joe’s and heated through very quickly; it took less than 10 minutes. The raisins and apples in it added a nice sweetness to this dinner. SO incredibly flavorful and full of all kinds of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties from the turmeric and other spices. It only took about 10 minutes to prep everything and about 20 minutes to simmer the chana saag. It’s healthier than getting restaurant Indian food, as that’s usually full of oil (or ghee and cream) and too much salt.

And finally, a little pre-Easter treat I ordered for myself from the best chocolate shop in the world, as far as I’m concerned.

The Harlot Box

The Harlot Box

This box of exquisite truffles are a mix of  pomegranate (with rose petals on top) and lemon (with lavender blossoms on top) Read more about Lagusta’s Luscious chocolate shop here. I truly have never had such divine, decadent chocolate and her ethics align nicely with mine, so it’s a win-win. I ordered a few treats for my boyfriend for Easter, as well, but I HAD to get myself something as long as I was making an order.


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Sunday night dinner experiment- beetroot ravioli

After that wonderful dinner last Thursday I was inspired to try something new in the kitchen. Since I’ve had my copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen bookmarked up but haven’t really made anything since I bought it a few months ago, I decided to pick something I’ve been longing to make: the Beetroot Ravioli with Cashew Cream Cheese.

I soaked my cashews overnight Friday and then Saturday made the cashew cream cheese and let the flavors meld in the fridge.

Because I can NEVER leave good enough alone with a recipe, I tweaked it a bit. Since it was a cold, miserable day, I decided to roast the asparagus with a little balsamic vinegar and salt instead of shaving it and serving it as a raw salad. I actually roasted the sliced beets, too. What?! Why did I do that? Well, my slices, even though I did them with a mandoline slicer, were not exactly paper thin and were too hard and crunchy for my tastes. I ADORE roasted beets and thought it would work out just fine.

Beet ravioli

Beet ravioli

And it did. So delicious! And I have left over cashew cream cheese to spread on bagels and crackers since you only use half of it for the recipe.

I look forward to making more recipes from this book!

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