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Oh, hi there

I did not mean to abandon my blog, dear readers!

I’ve been incredibly busy and quite disoriented since moving this summer (just to a new apartment) and then starting the professional phase of my dietetics program. I’ll save you from the details and more excuses.

I love this blustery, rainy fall weather. Especially because it means it’s comfort food season! To me, Indian curries fit that description perfectly. I’m making an improvised veg curry right now from some eggplant, zucchini, and red pepper we got from the farmer’s market and coconut rice. I found a couple of amazing sounding recipes online for another time while getting ideas for dinner. I’ll save them here so you can also benefit, if you’re inclined.

Baby Eggplant Curry

Zucchini curry

I think getting my hands on some coconut meat is my next culinary endeavor. How delicious do both of these dishes sound?!

Are you excited about fall? What are some of your favorite cooler weather recipes?


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