End of Semester Break

Sorry to disappear for a bit! Winter semester is finally over. I had a pretty light load for finals, so I’m grateful for that. After taking organic and biochem all other classes have felt refreshingly light. I did develop some pretty killer study skills from those classes, though!

I had a little break until yesterday when my summer courses started. I’m taking Fundamentals of Speech (gulp) and Nutrition of the Life Cycle the first half of summer and Fundamentals of Nutrition the second half. So I definitely don’t get a summer break, but that’s okay with me because I do best when I keep busy and my mind is occupied. I’m really excited to start the actual professional phase dietetics courses! In fact, I already downloaded my 1072 page text for the Fundamentals of Nutrition class to my Kindle and have started reading the first couple of chapters out of interest. And that’s how I know I’m getting into the right field. Right now in Nutrition of the Life Cycle we’re working on a module regarding ethics in research involving human subjects. Interesting topic and before there were laws and safeguards in place, there were some horrific abuses taking place under the guise of scientific research (see the Tuskegee Syphilis Study for one relatively recent incident).

Since I’ve last posted, I attended VegFest in Novi, MI. I was too overwhelmed with the amount of people and vendor booths with samples of fantastic food and products to take any pictures. However, I volunteered for PCRM to sell books for Dr. Neal Barnard after his (well-attended) presentation, and of course had to have my picture taken with him after he was all done signing books for people.  What a great experience!

dr_barnard_me2 (2)

I was also able to attend a couple of the events for Ann Arbor’s first Veg Week. I went to the kickoff night where the mayor, who pledged to go veg for the week, and John Salley spoke. There was also free beer(!!) from Ann Arbor Brewing Co. and food from some local restaurants and from VegMichigan volunteers. Notably, vegan sweet-and-sour meatballs and ding dongs, and some delicious chaat from Hut-K Chaats. My boyfriend got lucky and won a raffle prize, which included a bunch of vegan food samples, like a chocolate chip cookie from Alternative Baking Company, a Primal Strip, and Suzanne’s Ricemellow Creme, which he was stoked about. He also won a door-prize at VegFest, which was a similar package, plus a t-shirt. I think he should try to play the lottery soon with his luck!

I also attended a talk given by Pattrice Jones, an ecofeminist, author, and animal rights activist who is the co-founder of VINE Sanctuary. She spoke on “Building Alliances Among Animal, Environmental, and Social Justice Activists.” I enjoyed hearing a bit about her experiences bridging the gap between activist groups and starting the sanctuary. Very inspiring.

Pretty much the last few weeks have been awesome and though I’d like a little more time off, I think I’m refreshed and ready to get back to studying.



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4 responses to “End of Semester Break

  1. Wow! All of that sounds amazing!

    (Also, you are a beauty!)

  2. Sounds like some busy and fun events, that you have been involved with. I agree that after Organic Chem and Biochem, everything else is pretty light. Hopefully, a group of us can get together soon to enjoy some food, drinks and studying :-)

    • Yes, we will all have to plan when we can get together soon! I’m pretty flexible most weekdays and some weekends. Looking forward to it.

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