Cram week

Please pardon me while I have a very busy week. The symposium I am presenting a poster at is this Friday and my partner and I have been working like madwomen around our already busy schedules to wrap everything up, make all the final edits, and make our poster look great! Earlier in the week we had a (now comical) stressful day of technology mishaps where nothing we tried to do on the computer went right! Luckily, my partner was able to work things out late Monday night and the rough draft of our poster looks amazing. She’s good like that. Final draft should be done tonight!

On top of that I have an exam over the weekend (thanks, art professor!), an assignment due Sunday (thanks, feminist theory professor!), and an exam over nine chapters that I have hardly had the time to read Monday. So even though I’d like to breathe a sigh of relief and have some cocktails Friday after the symposium, I have to get back to work immediately Saturday.

During busy times I resort to eating lots of giant salads from Whole Foods salad bar, majadara sandwiches from the delicious Haifa Falafel restaurant, and things I can throw together in minutes, like wraps made with sprouted grain tortillas with lots of vegetables, hummus, and avocado inside. The thing I always miss most while very busy is shopping for groceries and cooking at home. I know as a future dietitian I should be the queen of knowing how to maintain eating home-cooked, healthy meals even when busy, but I am still learning and trying to find that balance.

If you are great at having a healthy meal routine I’d love to hear how you make it work. I know all about the wonders of slow cookers, pressure cookers, and making a week’s worth of food over the weekend, but again, these are all habits I haven’t established despite my best intentions yet. YET.



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2 responses to “Cram week

  1. Oh busy academic life! It never ends….There is always more work to do! Sigh.

    Whole Foods salad bar is a total savior sometimes, but gets sooo pricey. I usually buy a couple heads of kale, and chop some raw veggies at the beginning of the week. Each night, I’ll just rip a ton of kale into a large salad bowl, add the veggies and switch between a tahini-based dressing or a balsamic-based dressing for dinners. Breakfasts tend to be smoothies when I’m in a hurry, or overnight oats.

    It is definitely frustrating when you’re so *talking about* healthy living and balance, but you find that it’s so hard to practice in your own life. I’ve totally been in that boat.

    • Yeah, buying the convenience food at Whole Foods does get really expensive! It’s just so tempting when I know it’s healthier than some alternatives and they have vegan options.
      Good idea with the kale salads. There’s no reason I couldn’t just chop up some produce and add some cooked beans and a dressing. It’d be so much cheaper :)

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