Exciting Mail



This little letter has been much anticipated lately. It finally arrived yesterday afternoon right as I was leaving for my experimental foods class. I was home alone and was so nervous to open it and read whether I had been accepted or not for the dietetics program. This program only has 18 spots per year and I knew that around 44 people had applied this year.

The first word I read was Congratulations and immense relief washed over me. I have been preparing to get into this program for over two years and all the striving to make A’s in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and other assorted science classes I had to take as prereqs finally paid off! I, uh, also didn’t really have a plan B, so I don’t know what I was going to do if I didn’t get accepted. I just didn’t leave that as a possibility in my mind.

One of my best friends called right after I opened the letter and it was amazing to have her to share my insane giddiness with. Squealing ensued.

So, officially I will be in the professional phase of my program starting in September, but I’ll be taking a couple of dietetics courses over the summer to get started. After all this time preparing it hardly feels real yet.  This is a coordinated program as opposed to a didactic program, which means that instead of completing two years of coursework and then trying to get matched to a year-long internship (only about half of dietetics graduates get matched to an internship their first year — odds I didn’t like) which could be anywhere in the country, I will complete my 1,200 hours of supervised practice along with my 2 years of coursework. When I graduate I will be prepared to take the RD exam and then I will be an RD! I’m assuming it will be a bit intense, but I’m anxious to get started.



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2 responses to “Exciting Mail

  1. Congratulations! That’s so exiting! And the coordinated program sounds intense, but also kind of less stressful in the end? Yay!

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