National Nutrition Month and Healthy Challenge Check-In

March first begins National Nutrition Month! If I’d had more time to plan, maybe I would do some sort of theme on the blog for this month, but since my blog tends to be food and nutrition oriented anyway, I’ll just go with posting whatever comes up.

So far I’ve had some good days and some not-so-good days with improving my eating for the Spring Healthy Vegan Challenge. I had some deadlines for school assignments last week and not a lot of food options at home, so I did get some Whole Foods pizza for dinner one night (cheeseless with lots of veggies at least!) and ate a frozen Masala Burger (they are actually pretty tasty) from Trader Joe’s another. Yesterday afternoon, however, I was able to do some grocery shopping and stock up on some more veggies and healthy staples. I made this colorful and delicious cauliflower and cashew curry by Dianne Wenz, aka Veggie Girl, for dinner and served it over brown rice. I added cubed sweet potato and a frozen veggie mix that included peas, lima beans, green beans, carrots, and corn instead of the green beans in the recipe and extra red Thai curry paste because I’m a spice/bold flavor lover.

spring break 003spring break 010 Someone got her camera back!

Spring break officially started for me yesterday after class, so this week I’m looking forward to making some healthy food at home and working on my symposium project research. I know, I totally know how to do spring break! This is the difference between being in school in your late teens/early 20s and being in school in your 30s :)

This morning I had a slice of toasted, sprouted, whole-grain bread with a smear of spinach hummus (not pictured). For a late-morning snack I made a cherry-blueberry smoothie with frozen fruit and just enough unsweetened soymilk to blend it.


We have very little natural light in our apartment for better photos, sadly.

For lunch I’m planning on making a wrap with an Ezekiel sprouted tortilla, some baked Italian tofu, onion sprouts, carrot, tomato, avocado, red onion, and a bit of the spinach hummus. For dinner we’ll probably have leftover curry.

I’m still working on the getting motivated to exercise part. Yoga break today, perhaps?


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