Spring 2013 Healthy Vegan Challenge

I came across a post from Carrie on Vegan today talking about how she would like to get back on track with healthier eating (she wants to specifically follow Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live or “nutritarian” way of eating more closely) after getting a bit off course with her healthy habits. To be fair, her less healthy habits still look pretty good compared to a lot of people’s diets!  She asked if others would like to join her for 8 weeks of cleaner eating and since I’ve been reflecting on my own eating and lifestyle rut I’ve been in all winter, I figured I’d jump at the chance. Especially after being weighed at the doctor’s office today and seeing that I have gained a couple of lbs. since my last visit two months ago.

So, starting today and lasting until April 22nd I plan to bring more awareness about what I’m eating and how much I’m moving (besides from the computer to the fridge).

Specifically, the goals I’ve set for myself are:

  • Cook at home more. I know that I’m not going crazy with oil and salt like they might at a restaurant.
  • No alcohol during the week. One or two glasses of wine a night can really add on the calories!
  • Exercise at least a little every day. My yoga mat has been neglected for too long.
  • Bigger portions of vegetables and legumes, smaller portions of calorie dense food.
  • Fruit for dessert, less chocolate.
  • Try out some new recipes from cookbooks with healthier recipes (Appetite for Reduction, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, Eat to Live, etc.)

I’m not doing anything too restrictive like getting rid of my morning cup of coffee or banishing the thought of ever going out to eat or having a treat, because overall I’d like to make changes that are sustainable for me over the long-term.

I will check in here from time to time with my progress and to keep me motivated. If you’d like to join, feel free and let me know if you do! You can join the Facebook page here for support.


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