PPEP Dinner


Beautiful raw cruciferous salad

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the second Practitioners Promoting Eating Plants dinner in Bloomfield Hills. This is a group of health professionals, students, and people interested in their own health who, you guessed it, promote or follow a plant-based (vegan) diet. It was held in the beautiful home of a registered nurse, raw foods chef, and Food for Life Instructor, Sue. Around 35-40 people attended and it was so wonderful to be around so many like-minded people! I met doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, fellow students, cooking instructors, a documentary filmmaker, a local bulk-foods business owner, a psychologist, cancer survivors, and more.

Sue made us the most delicious, mostly raw, dinner I have ever had! Luckily, I borrowed my boyfriend’s camera and was able to take some shots.


Raw beet and apple salad


A creamy, cashew dill dip


Raw kale salad


My beautiful, colorful plate


A raw, apple spice bar. So delicious!


Fruit kabobs

Not pictured: Butternut squash soup shooters, fresh spring rolls that we rolled ourselves, a roasted tomato and quinoa salad, french lentil and wild rice salad, and a roasted vegetable platter. There was an abundance of amazing food! Even though I stuffed myself (and went for seconds) I still felt energetic and good.

I definitely hope to be able to make as many future meetings as possible. I feel so inspired after meeting so many great people doing wonderful things to promote health! This dinner was mostly a networking opportunity, but I wonder if future events might involve some sort of health topic presentation or other activity? Not that it wasn’t perfect to just talk and eat!



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2 responses to “PPEP Dinner

  1. Adam

    Wow… south east Michigan has some great minds, and chefs, at work. Thanks for reporting the hidden treasures happening in our own back yard; the foods pictured look AMAZING!

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