Make it at Home; Greens and Plant-based Milks

I am supposed to be working on a take home essay exam for my feminist theory class today (and I will!), but allow me to procrastinate just a tiny bit longer and warm my brain up.

I LOVE tutorials and guides that make it easy for people to eat healthier and to incorporate more plant foods in their lives. Within the last couple of days I’ve come across some really great ones and wanted to share them with you.

Everyone could use a bit of help getting more leafy greens into their daily meal rotation. You can NEVER have too many greens! I love to put them in almost everything. This post from Dreena Burton’s blog, has some fantastic tips for preparing, storing, and cooking a variety of greens. Let Them Eat Greens! Confession: Sometimes I want to skip making my greens (usually kale) because although I know it’s worth it, I HATE washing them and chopping them up. I have a tiny kitchen and a sink with only one basin (and no dishwasher), so it’s usually always got dishes waiting to be washed in it. But it IS always worth it and I never regret it after devouring all that deliciousness. My point: make them anyway, even though I know it can be a pain!

Another fabulous blog post I came across via Twitter is YumUniverse’s guide to making homemade plant-based milks. I’ve not yet made my own at home, though Heather makes it look so easy and delicious. She even provides a link to a printable poster so you can hang it in your kitchen and continue to be inspired by all the different types and flavors of non-dairy milk you can experiment with. One caveat: if you rely on your store-bought plant milks for the fortified vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamin D, and B-12, make sure you’re getting them from a different source if you switch to homemade.

I really appreciate all the work that must have gone into researching, writing, and photographing for these posts. They’ve inspired me to hopefully work on my own guides/tutorials at some point and I hope they’ve inspired you to try some of these recipes out.



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2 responses to “Make it at Home; Greens and Plant-based Milks

  1. I always feel the same way about greens- I love them, but I don’t love cleaning them. I’m always thankful that I did afterwards.

    I was making our almond milk all the time, until my stepkids entered that pre-adolesence growth spurt period where they eat everything all the time. My stepdaughter could polish off 1 batch of almond milk in a weekend, and it just got to be that I was making it every other day! Now we just buy it. :-)

    • Wow, yes, seems like that could get time-consuming and possibly expensive to be making all that almond milk! It’s nice to have the option to buy it ready-made.

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