New All Vegan Restaurant Coming Soon!

Last night my boyfriend and I were lured to Habana Cellar Lounge with the promise of vegan cookies, happy hour drinks, and the best: an announcement from Phillis and Joel, the co-owners of The Lunch Room vegan food cart revealing their plans and location of a brick-and-mortar restaurant!

The Lunch Room is slated to open sometime in June 2013 in Kerrytown. A perfect place for a vegan restaurant, in my opinion! In addition to some of their popular menu items at the food cart, such as pad thai and tofu bahn mi, the new menu will include lots of new items like veggie sushi, tempeh reubens, tacos, fresh fruit juices, coconut milk ice cream sundaes, and oh, I’m going to pass out with anticipation if I go on! The thing I am MOST excited about? Brunch on the weekends! Vegan french toast? Yes, please.

The Lunch Room will be the second all vegan restaurant in Ann Arbor. I say the more choices, the merrier.

I can hardly wait until June. article



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2 responses to “New All Vegan Restaurant Coming Soon!

  1. I love how the food carts are able to turn into brick and mortar stores. All hail to more vegan eateries everywhere :)

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