Healthy Meal Planning

I just wanted to share this awesome article I saw today about transitioning to a plant-based diet and planning and prepping your meals from the newsletter.

“Does the thought of prepping food for the week make you want to reach for the phone and order take-out?
Luckily, being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, or require that you spend four hours a day chopping vegetables.”

Vegan Grocery Shopping

Look at that bag of colorful love!

Even though I’ve been vegan (and before that vegetarian) for a long time, I could still use some food prep tips and tricks. I’ve always been into the idea of batch cooking and meal planning for the week, but I’ve yet to put it into practice. How great would it be to just come home after a busy day of school or work and have a fridge full of delicious healthiness waiting for you?!

If you’d like even more tips and support for transitioning to a plant-based diet, try their Vegucated Challenge! 


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