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First Semester Recap

Hello friends! I hope you’ve been well. If you’ve been experiencing the “Polar Vortex”  like we have been here, I hope you’re keeping warm. I’m now a few weeks into my second semester in the coordinated dietetics program. The first semester was indeed as busy and hectic as we were promised by the senior students, … Continue reading

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Oh, hi there

I did not mean to abandon my blog, dear readers! I’ve been incredibly busy and quite disoriented since moving this summer (just to a new apartment) and then starting the professional phase of my dietetics program. I’ll save you from the details and more excuses. I love this blustery, rainy fall weather. Especially because it … Continue reading

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I Can’t be Everyone’s Personal Chef/Are Our Fruits and Vegetables Nutritious Enough?

I am working on a post right now about simple ways to incorporate more vegan meals into your life/make the transition completely if one so wishes. I have had so many friends and acquaintances tell me they would be vegan if they had a personal chef or if I cooked for them. Ha! Well, it’s … Continue reading

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End of Semester Break

Sorry to disappear for a bit! Winter semester is finally over. I had a pretty light load for finals, so I’m grateful for that. After taking organic and biochem all other classes have felt refreshingly light. I did develop some pretty killer study skills from those classes, though! I had a little break until yesterday … Continue reading